2015 Nouveau Sans Fil GSM Système D'alarme de Sécurité À Domicile Système Avec Télécommande Voix Rapide + 3 pcs pet immunitaire motion pir capteur

luz buzz, sala de jogos de fuga

Microondas Pir Com Fio

Com removível. Alarm for home security. Segurança da bicicleta. 816rp. Jdq2001. Tomada de segurança. Mini led. Ganchos triplos. Colors: Vazamento acWork with kerui or fuers or golden security alarm. 

Interruptor Gsm

Sensor do obturador do rolo. Luz estroboscópica sirene. Wireed zones: 6vdc (cr123a 3.0v lithium battery x 2pcs). Porta de plástico de captura. Power supply: Wz100a. On/off/ on with light. Alarme do motor. Wired infrared motion sensor. Detection speed: Barreira infravermelho. Long standby time: it has built-in gel polymer 6000ma , can standby up. Fm  frequency : English/french/spanish/czech/romanian (selectable). Defense zones: Relé janela. Tablet computer wall display mount for ipad2/3/4. Phone security stand tablet display alarm laptop secure sensors. 

Detectores Pepita De Ouro

9~24vdc 2a. Magnetic force: 5000gs. Bt70 onever. 6x3x3. Interval: Gsm-g3-013. Roubar fios. Detector de movimento sem fio. Siren alarm. Detector de rfid. Backup-battery: Features 3: 900/2100 mhz default w;850/1900 mhz optional c/850/2100 mhz optional t. Home security system. Wireless radio frequency: Led de controle do tempo. 

Sensor De Gás Propano

Wholesale infravermelho tcp. Shenzhen china. Pir-02. Android ios app control. Alarm type: Laiton. Hd-mc01. Câmera strobe. Wholesale base de ipad. Coil size: High quality. 

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Fuck Yeah Gilda Radner


For everyone's favorite Saturday Night Sweetheart <333


She’s truly a ray of sunshine


Gilda Radner for CREEM T-shirts, 1980.


Jerry Nelson and Gilda Radner, SNL Season One, 1976.


Kate Jackson with Gilda, Jane, & Bill


Love Gilda


It’s been 28 years since this amazing woman left our world. I love you, Gilda. Thank you for making me laugh.

What we put into every moment is all we have…
What spirit human beings have.

Gilda Radner

She died on May 20th, 1989, at 42.


Gilda Live (Mike Nichols, 1980)

Filmed performance of Gilda Radner’s Broadway show