LIVRAISON GRATUITE 10 PCS x 0.56 pouces Émeraude Vert Common Cathode 4 Numérique Tube Jade Vert LED Module D'affichage 5461AGG

pin lcd, iic tft

Emissor Do Cartão

7 ''monitor lcd. 400:1 (typ.). By screws and hooks. F5.0 rg. 4-lines x 20-characters. 192*96mm ,192*192mm. 7 monitor hdmi. Cii oled azul. Led power. Blue dot matrix. 3d printer accessories. 195v ac -256bv ac. Raspberry pi 3.5 lcd. 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,7.62mm,8mm,10mm. Adaptador 2a 12 v. 12x48. 1.3 inch oled board

Wholesale Hypoallergen

Lcd tft de 6.5. 16*128 dots. Wholesale tensão de corrente constanteShowing method: G084sn05 v4. Cabo lvds 39 p. Aucun. 1.923mm. 2.2 tft. Snap displays. 800(rgb)*480 (wvga). 12v smd bead. Tft 5. 1024x600. Lâmpada para venda. 

Wholesale 5. Interruptor De Alimentação

Display language: Tft lcd paralelo. ímã tag. >5000cd/m2. P4.75 rg matrix smd led module. Led hd. P10 white indoor led module. 8.66"x3"x0.71"((lxhxd). 12v 4a. Tft-lcd panelAc inrush current: 0.96" white 0.96 inch oled module. Módulo de exibição usb. 

1000 W De Aquecimento Por Indução

1206 leds. Mensagem carro levou. 480x640   288x1024. Sp24v001. Lcbhbz711y7xs. Pc6 keys. Green / red/ yellow. 5000cd. Lcd2004 control board kit. Input power : Wholesale tubo digital. Time for full charging: Us/eu/uk/au etc. Electronic diy kit. Testador de tensão digital. 

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Fuck Yeah Gilda Radner


For everyone's favorite Saturday Night Sweetheart <333


She’s truly a ray of sunshine


Gilda Radner for CREEM T-shirts, 1980.


Jerry Nelson and Gilda Radner, SNL Season One, 1976.


Kate Jackson with Gilda, Jane, & Bill


Love Gilda


It’s been 28 years since this amazing woman left our world. I love you, Gilda. Thank you for making me laugh.

What we put into every moment is all we have…
What spirit human beings have.

Gilda Radner

She died on May 20th, 1989, at 42.


Gilda Live (Mike Nichols, 1980)

Filmed performance of Gilda Radner’s Broadway show